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    I prefer Juna Elise from your list.

    But I do like Junia over Juna.
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    I like Juna Elise the best.
    Juna is a lovely first name as it is short, sweet and feminine.
    I read through the other suggestions and I like this combo the best of all

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    I love the name Juna! Personally, I like it much more than Juniper or Junia. I think Elise or Clare sound nice as middle names. My vote would be for Juna Clare.

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    Juna Elise flows better than the other two as its last syllable is stressed (hope I'm not pronouncing it wrong!) so that would be my choice. Love Florence and Claire though!

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    Juna is lovely

    I think the problem you're having pairing it is because it is a 2 syllable name that almost feels like a 1 syllable name, hence many one or two syllable names don't necessarily sound great with it. For that reason A 3 or more syllable middle would probably work better, such as:

    Juna Elissa
    Juna Florinda
    Juna Mirabelle
    Juna Elisabeth
    Juna Wisteria
    Juna Victoria

    That said, my favourite of your three choices is definitely Juna Florence - both are lovely names, and it's great that Florence has personal meaning for you.

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