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    Name this Family

    Their last name is a town you’ve heard of.

    The dad’s name was given to him to honor his two grandfathers in a creative way, so his fn and mn are both a 70s-era spin on names from the 1910s-20s. He was born in 1973. What are the two grandfather’s names and what is his full name?

    The mom’s first name is Victorian and broodish, like her parents’ personalities would dictate. Her middle name was too garish to keep, so she assumed her maiden name as her new middle when she married. Her maiden ln is a floral-esque surname-turned-mn. The mom was born in 75. What is this mom’s first name, birth-given middle, and maiden name turned middle?

    The eldest daughter, born in 95 and now 20, is an art history major in college and her name suits her interests and personality. Her parents gave her a historical, yet artsy-sounding first name which has sort of a masculine feel. Her middle name is short, punchy, and suited more to a man or to a surname, than to this petite beauty. What is her full name?

    She is engaged to her high school sweetheart. This boy, now 21, is graduating college next spring with a degree in architecture. His name is very suggestive of the way architecture mixes science and creativity. His first name is the science-side, all technical, and very laboratorial sounding. His middle name has more flair and is reminiscent of some nineties musician his parents loved. His last name is reminiscent of a tree or forest in some way. What is his full name?

    The eldest son, 3 years younger than his sister, is 17 and an upcoming senior in high school. He’s quite different from all of his siblings in that he is the quintessential golden boy and in this family, that makes him the odd one out. He’s got a simple fn that is boyish and suits his soccer-playing, clean-cut lifestyle. His middle name is a little bit more gruff, and longer than the first, and is somehow related to fire, earth, water, or air. What is his full name?

    The twins, both girls, are aged 14 and were born in 2001. Their names – first and middle- are in no way matching to one another’s. The taller of the two has a flouncy, girlish name popular for the times and a middle name that would suit, perhaps, a ballerina. Except this child is anything but a ballerina. The other twin has a languid, literary first name. Her middle name comes from a variation on her mother’s fn, because she was born a miracle after the umbilical cord wrapped her neck at birth. What are the twins’ names?

    The other son, an utter rogue of a child, is 8 and wears suits to school everyday. His name somewhat suits the ensemble, but more in a James-Bondish, spy kind of way, and less in the stuffy, Wall Street way this child prefers. He reads the newspaper, likes to collect bugs, and is an all-around genius for his age and in general. His fn and mn both are much more exotic, punchy, and dangerous than his mild lifestyle would suggest. To combat that, he has decided to go by a more academic-sounding nickname which plays off of his heroic real name. What is his full name and smart nickname?

    The baby girl, now 4, is angelic and quiet. She loves ponies and pretending to be a doctor so she can take care of people. Her name is reflective of that personality in ways. Her FN is woodsy but in a delicate way and her mn is a mashup in remembrance of her two grandmothers who both passed on while her mother was pregnant with her. What are the grandma’s names and what is this child’s name?

    This family adopted a mangy, rodent-esque teacup mutt from the pet center a few weeks ago. The family loves him even with his patchy fur. The girls had only picked out a flouncy name for a girl dog so when they found out they were getting this scrappy little guy, they converted the prissy princess name into a gruff, brave name for this guy. What was the original and what did they change it to?
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    LN: Brighton

    Grandfathers: Sebastian James and Walter Benjamin

    DAD: Bastian Walsh "Bash"
    MOM: Isadora Ophelia (Rosing)

    DD[20] Tennyson Stone "Tenny"
    -Dfiance[21] Howard Justin "Howie" (Pine)

    DS[17] Zane Demetrius

    DD/DD[14] Arabella Odette/Louise Isabeau

    DS[8] Finnian Alistair "Finch"

    Grandmothers: Eleanor Amelie and Cora Jane

    DD[4] Lavender Coralie

    old name: Pearla
    new name: Jett

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    LN: Portland

    DH: Jamie Harvey Portland
    (Grandfathers: James and Harry)
    DW: Helen (Agatha) Rosely Portland

    DD1: Corin Hart Portland (20)
    -DFiance: Nigel Cobain Pine (21)
    DS1: Jack River Portland (17)
    DD2/DD3: Lauren Genevieve Portland "Wren" and Matilda Elaine Portland (14)
    DS2: Wilder Ronan Portland (8) "Will"
    DD4: Flora Belrose Portland (4)
    (Grandmothers, Isabelle and Rosalind)

    DDog: Cosima --- Cosmo

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    May 2012
    DGF1: Terrance Peter
    DGF2: Winsome Robert

    DGM1: Florence Mabel
    DGM2: Linda Lucille

    (42) DH: Terry Wynn Lawrence
    (39) DW: Petronella (Wilhelmina) Aster Lawrence "Nell"

    (20) DD: August Clyde Lawrence
    -(21) DF: Phillip Vedder Birch
    (17) DS: Harry Canicus Lawrence
    (14) DD/DD: Samantha Maddelina Lawrence "Sam" & Josephine Petra Lawrence "Posy"
    (8) DS: Ossian Fawke Lawrence "Os"
    (4) DD: Sylvie Florinda Lawrence

    Dog: Ramona > Ramone
    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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    Apr 2013
    Grandfathers: Thomas Raymond , Frank Richard

    DAD: Tommy Franklin Clearwater
    MUM: Ada Kienny Clearwater (née Ada Augusta Kane)

    Daughter1: Shannon Toni Clearwater
    DFiance: Spencer Kurt Haynes

    Son1: Jared River Clearwater

    Daughter 2: Destiny Alexandria Clearwater "Dessy"
    Daughter3: Elinor Ida Clearwater

    Son2: Maddox Kingston Clearwater "Max"

    Daughter4: Lily Nellie Clearwater
    grandmothers (Elizabeth and Helena)

    dog: Althea --> Axe

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