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    Vintage names! Yes!

    Some of these have been mentioned by other berries but I'll add my vote to them:

    Penelope (Penny)
    Lucinda (Lucy)

    And I'm just going to put his out there - why not go with Hermione as a first name? Everyone in the world knows how to say it and spell it by now and you must love it already - it is a great name - just go for it!

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    Wow, more great suggestions! I like Violet, Eve, and Leona (although unfortunately Leona was the name of an unpleasant side character in a novel I wrote once...I'm not sure I can get past that association!). I don't think any of them sound like names my husband would like, but I can keep them in mind.

    Thanks for the corrections on the character Matilda! I was confusing her with "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". Husband says he doesn't like the name or the nickname Tilda...boohoo.

    You know, I DO love Hermione enough to use it as a first name, but I worry that her entire life people she's introduced to will say, "Like in Harry Potter?" Do you think this would happen? Also, I'm not sure my husband would go for it as a first name. He's more of a traditionalist than that. Plus, all my kids' middle names are unusual and interesting, so I'd have to top her first name with something even MORE unusual, and that might be unwieldy all together.

    My recent thought is Ella. It's SO popular right now, but Ella Hermione is lovely. It has a host of lovely meanings (very important to me) and "Ella Enchanted" is one of my favorite books, which is fine with me because I like my children's names to have some tie to literature.

    And actually one of the names my husband suggested is Ellen. I said, "No way!" at the time, but now that I think about it, Ellen Hermione flows even more nicely than Ella Hermione. Is Ellen too dated to use now? I think it's kind of sweet, and even though it brings up a more middle-aged image, I can picture it on a little girl. But I do loathe the nickname Ellie...
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    I know a little 6 month old named Ellen but called Elle. I think it's perfectly cute, goes well with Hermione, and covers your criteria. You could even call Ellen Ella if you liked, I'm sure.

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    Ella Hermione is absolutely perfect! I love it!
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