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    I love two middle names (you get to use more name that you love, what's not to like?!), but I would always give all my children two or all my children one. I know I would have been jealous if my siblings had had one more middle name than me!

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    We're giving our firstborn two middle names, one we love and one family name. I think we might continue this pattern for any future kids.
    Two MNs are more common in some cultures. I happen to not have a mn at all, so I really appreciate them

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    I think two middle names can definitely work. Adelaide Margaret Dahl does flow better than with the middle names reversed.

    My youngest brother has two middle names, while my other brother and I just have one. No big deal in our family... My brothers' names both start with the same letter while mine is different, and that's also a non-issue. I will say that my brothers having family middle names and me having a middle name that sounded "okay" has always made me really irritated (which is why, when I changed my name, I gave myself a family middle name).
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    I will be giving my baby (two weeks to go) two middle names. I have never considered less than than two! I like to honor for middle names, so a girl will honor maternal great grandmothers with middle names - Elizabeth Pearl and a boy will honor the grabdfathers, one who is deceased - Robert Patrick.

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    Both my kids have double middles. I didn't want anyone to feel left out and wanted to give my maiden name to my son.
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