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    Aug 2013
    Love Henry. I dont think it needs a nn. But then if it did, id use Hal because I love it.
    Huck is also cute as a button though.

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    I like Henry. I think Huck does work as a nn.

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    I thing you can call your son whatever you want to! A nickname doesn't necessarily need to be "short" for a given name. Huck, though, I think is so cute and you should definitely use it!

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    Yes! Super cute! Also consider Harry, as it is a nn for Henry.
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    I def think it would work. I second the above comment that a nn doesn't have to be short for a given name.
    I think Huck is soooo super cute. And I love Henry.

    On the other hand:
    Someone suggested Henry Tucker up above as well, and I do think that is a good idea if you don't already have a middle.
    Then you'd most def get Huck out of that! :]

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