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Thread: Lucy vs Lucie?

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    I assume Gracie's name is Grace and not Gracie. In which case Lucille nn Lucy would be really cute.
    If you live in the US or any other mainly English speaking country I'd go with Lucy. It's the more familiar
    and when it comes to spelling I usually think that simpler is better.
    (But if it really is a nn your Lucy could decide on the spelling she wants when she get's older and switch between the two).
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    I definitely prefer Lucy!! It's the more traditional and common spelling, and I quite like the way it looks with Gracie too. I look forward to seeing which you choose!

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    I prefer Lucy. I also prefer when sibling have different endings as well as beginnings on their names so if I had a Gracie, I would go with Lucy.
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    @lexiem I'm pretty sure Gracie is just Gracie. I prefer the Lucy spelling as a full name and Lucie as a nickname for Lucille and Lucinda
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    I prefer Lucy. So cute! Plus, otherwise people will misspell her name.

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