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    Names for these characters?

    I'm writing a story about an 11 year old girl with three older brothers. The story centers around Character 1 being a model for Character 4 in his photography class. They all have straight brown hair and brown eyes with darkish skin. Here are the characters.

    Character 1: She's the main character and she's 11. She's spunky and sassy and really funny. Her hair is down to the middle of her back and she's always pushing it out of her eyes. She's not exactly a tomboy but she's not a girly girl either. She hates Character 2 to tease her and she and Character 4 have a special bond.
    Names for her: Kaia's the top choice and that's who she is right now. Before that she was Harper and at the beginning she was Kennedy. I'd like a name with a little bit of a hard sound. K's and D's are good in the name.

    Character 2: He's fourteen and thinks he's super cool. He's always teasing his little sister, and getting in trouble with Character 4. He's also very protective of Character 1 though.
    Names for him: Levi is my top but I really like Luke and Lucas too.

    Character 3: He's sixteen and always on the computer or on his phone. He's described by Character 1 as being "Like, totally emo" although he doesn't really care.
    Names for him: Owen is nice and I kind of like Tyler too. Hunter was originally his name but I changed it to Owen.

    Character 4: Very protective of Character 1 and loves her to pieces. He also loves photography and Character 1 is his "model" because he thinks it's cute.
    Names for him: Right now his name is Sean, but it was Liam.

    Any name suggestions are appreciated! I'd love anything you have to offer, it doesn't have to be from my list.
    leah christine.

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    Character 1: Ella
    Character 2: Jace
    Character 3: Oliver
    Character 4: Matt

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    Little Ladies

    Rosalind Elisabetta Jane 'Rosie' * Marguerite Penelope Helena 'Margo' * Rosemarie Henrietta Opal 'Roma' * November Lillian Marlowe 'Nova' * Henrietta Ophelia Pearl 'Hattie'


    Maximilian Jasper Owen 'Max' * Jasper Edmund Henry 'Jazz' * Edward Kazimir James 'Teddy' * Alexander Carlisle Benedict 'Alec' * Jeremiah Christian Sage 'Jem' * James William Emmett 'Jem' * Tiberius Hadrian Beau 'Tiger'

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    Character 1. Dita, Darcey, Dante, Kida, Elkie
    Character 2. Laurie, Hunter, Drew, Shay, Chase
    Character 3. Peiter, Gemmerson, Floyd, Flynn
    Character 4. Damian, Derren, Duke, Deiter

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    Okay so what I decided on is:

    Character 1: Kaia

    Character 2: Chase

    Character 3: Felix

    Character 4: Matthew

    Thank you all for your feedback!
    leah christine.

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