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    Thanks for all your help but my husband is so picky he refuses to budge on Logan so I have now suggested Logyn as an alternate more unique spelling. Hopefully he goes for it because I like Logyn and I want something that goes more with uniqueness of Tiberius. What do you all think of the alternate spelling?

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    Not a fan of Logyn at all (looks like ob/gyn to me). I've always felt that kre8tyvly spelled names are not unique, it's still the same uber popular name that sounds exactly the same when used in conversation. In addition, it's setting the child up for a lifetime of spelling their name, explaining "no, not an a, a y".

    This seems to be a common theme here on nameberry, so don't expect too much love for Logyn.

    My suggestion, please please please don't do it. If you love Logan, just use it. Logan Tiberius is a lovely name

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    Logyn looks gynecological to me. Substituting the "a" for a "y" cheapens the name and doesn't make it any more unusual. Logan Tiberius is fine.
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