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    Lovely Ladies to go with Persephone

    I'm bot expecting again, I just realized I'm incredibly bored with one of my combos. I had Guinevere Sophia Signe, but I'm realizing I don't really like Guenevere all that much anymore and I've never had a reason to use Signe other than because it's Norse and we wanted a Norse name.
    With the others, I have reasons for using them. Persephone I have a connection to the mythology, Sylvana honors Pan, Amelia is the first name Cody and I agreed on and I love the connection to Amelia Earhart.

    So I would like some suggestions for that first name spot. I would prefer it be an ancient/older (historical, mythological) or older literary. It doesn't have to be, but we have a Norse and Greek theme as I worship the Greek gods and my husband does the Norse.

    It needs to go with Persephone, Sylvana, and Amelia.
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    Persephone, Sylvana, Amelia and...

    Freyja/Freya - seems like the obvious choice. It's easy to spell, pronounce, it's familiar, Norse and beautiful.
    Florence (Florence Nightingale)
    Frida (Frida Kahlo, the painter)
    Gwendolen (from Daniel Deronda, The Importance of Being Earnest)
    Sigrun (a valkyrie)
    Gersemi (Norse Goddess of beauty, "treasure")
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    First thoughts were:
    Anastasia (although that would be another A names next to Amelia...)
    Arcadia (same...)
    Araminta (yeah...)
    Thea (might be a little repetitive because it means goddess, and your daughter already bears the name of a goddess...)

    That's all I can think of right now. Sorry, I'm not that great at suggestions!

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    Ottilie -- We considered Freya, but are sort of on the fence about it. It's beautiful and she's a great goddess, but she also spends large portions of time crying in her mythology >.< Otherwise, I like Eowyn (and am kicking myself for not thinking of it) but I'm already using Lorien in my Sylvana combo and Frode/Samwise in my Damien combo. Is that too much LOTR? I love Isis too, but we know a little Isis so that won't work. And Cody doesn't like Gwendolen >.< Got any other suggestions? We both generally like most things you do.

    Lark -- I can't have any more A names. I have 2 on my boys list too. We did consider Anastasia at one point before I decided we couldn't use it because I hate all the nicknames I can think of. It's the same reason we can't using Cassandra. Otherwise, I like Thea (I like it better spelled the Greek Theia) but isn't it too short next to all the other names (Persephone, Sylvana, Amelia, Thea)?

    Thank you both. I'd love more suggestions. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    If i ever have a darling daughter , Persephone .
    If i ever have a dear son , Prometheus .

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