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    Paris is a place name, and therefore totally gender-neutral no matter how it 'sounds'.

    I don't particularly like Paris (a bit tacky, but that's how I feel about most place names) and all of the 'off-shoots' are pretty awful in my opinion.

    Seraphina and Esme, on the other hand, are both gorgeous!
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    Thank you for your opinion!
    I love Seraphina and Esmee as well.
    I totally understand that it is a unisex name however I am not particularly fond of unisex names so I was trying to see if there was a 'more feminine alternate to Paris'. I understand that Paris isn't everyone's cup of tea and that is totally fine by me... everyone has their own naming tastes and Paris has been in the top 1000 for 2 decades and the top 500 for 1 decade so It's a common enough name for me to not be too concerned about it.

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    I don't like any of them. Paris is *okay*, but I much prefer your other options of Esmee and Seraphina.
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    The tribe Paris was named for was Parisii...always thought that'd make a cute baby girl name.

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    Honestly I think of London and Paris Hilton...hmmm not a huge fan. Is it an absolute favorite name you can't live without?

    I love Seraphina and Esme/Esmee.

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