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Thread: i'am so sorry.

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    i'am so sorry.


    I would like to be honest with you.

    I have fake a lot of things about my life. I'am not pregnant & I fake the account anastasia_rose. I'am truly sorry about that. I don't know why I did it . The only true is that i'am from Greece and i live there ,i dont live in USA and my name is Vassiliki nn Bellerose & iam 16 yrs old.

    Again i'am so sorry. Especially for faking a pregnacy.


    Edit : I have contact with Pam and its up to her if she will delete or not. I hope she don't.

    PS : I didnt say my location because i simply dont want it . I say USA because i know that most people in here are from there . If you have any doudts that iam Greek you can pm and we can discuiss it . If you have any questions feel free to message me . I will be more than happy to reply
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    Several of us already know you're a faker. You gave it away when you announced your "due date". Thank you for fessing up though.
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    Yep, renrose told me. I knew that you know. I dont know why I continue it. I'am so stupid. I don't know what it's wrong with me. Don't get me wrong. I dont say that so you feel sorry for me. It's the least I want. I thought it was time to be honest & just be myself.

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    Thank you for being honest, Bellerose

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    Yes, thanks for your honesty. I wouldn't mind you sticking around the boards since you have some cool name ideas, as long as you stay real!
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