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    Loving Timothy...hating Tim... (Other "thy" ending boys names?)

    We are loving the name Timothy for a boy. But do not at all like Tim or Timmy. He would most definitely be called this?
    Yeah, so we like the "thy/thee" ending..any other boys names you can think of that end like Timothy...

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    I think Timothy will get called Tim/Timmy a lot actually. My favorite -thy name is Abernethy. It means "river's beginning" and has lots of nicknames. It could be Abe, Ber, Neth, Berny, Ret/Rhett, etc...
    Anyway, there aren't too many names with that ending sound. Here's some that I could find.


    Worthy -- I know it's a word, but it would make a cool name
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    The only two other names that I've come across that end in in -thy are Worthy and McCarthy. I tried to figure out how to do a super-search type search on behind the name, but I couldn't figure out how to search by name-ending (obviously, I'm not on that website a lot! haha).

    Worthy and McCarthy aren't something I'd use, personally, but maybe they're your style? Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!
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    I've only known two Timothys, but they both go exclusively by Timothy. It's not a common name at all, so I'm not sure that people would automatically shorten it.
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    I agree with @southern.maple I don't think that Timothy would automatically be shortened to Tim. I knew a Timothy that went by Mothy and Othy (Otty).

    Here are some -thy ending names:


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