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    Alternative to nickname for Christopher

    Hi there, Berries! It is tradition in both my family and DH's family to name the firstborn son after their father, so I was not surprised when we found out we were expecting a boy and my DH said he wanted a Junior. The only problem is I have two Uncle's, each with sons who have sons named Christopher as well as two cousin Christa's and an aunt Christine. My husband was also named after his Uncle, Christopher. So it is a very common name on both sides - all Christopher's being called Chris. My family has gone as far as having a Big Chris, Lil' Chris and Baby Chris. While I don't have a problem with the name, nor do I want to deny my husband a junior, I just don't want my son to be another Chris in the family. I've read that Kit can be used as a nickname and I'm not crazy about it, I also don't think I could sell our families on it. So, I've been wondering if Cruise/Cruz could be an acceptable alternative - or if it's too far of a stretch? Please help, all suggestions are welcome!!

    PS: DH and I once had a neighbor with a son called CJ that really ruined that option for us.

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    I knew a Christopher who went by Topher. I've also known many Juniors who went by their middle name instead.
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    I also thought of Topher. If not, how about calling him Christopher? I have a nephew that is 20 years old now, and still goes by Christopher. (A very handsome name, by the way.)
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    I honestly never considered the charm of Christopher because of al the Chris'. Thanks for the Topher suggestion, I'll ask my husband!

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    Christophe (Christoff), Christo (pronounced Chris-tow) Topher, Kit, Kip
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