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Thread: Roberta

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    What do you think of this? Too dated/old person name? I used to dislike it, but the more I think about it the more I like it. I think it's due for a comeback, and the nn Robbie is ADORABLE as far as I'm concerned. Thoughts?
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    Roberta is an okay name . Althought i find it a bit dated i can see it on a lil girl. Espessially with the nn Robbie which is adorable .

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    For me, I find Roberta to be a really refreshing choice full of lively nicknames to make it downright spunky: Robbie, Bobbie, Berta, and Bertie.
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    I always found it old and clunky, but lately I'm liking it too. It seems fresh again since I rarely hear it. I love the possibility of Bobbie as a nickname, and Robbie and Bertie are cute too.
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    I just don't like the "bert" sound in the middle of the name. Also, it was a name others used to ridicule girls. They thought it was funny to call someone Roberta instead of their name.

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