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    I've lived throughout the south for the majority of my life. I love Magnolia and part of that love is because it resonates with my love of the south. That being said I've never met anyone named Magnolia, and I wouldn't necessarily be surprised to meet a Magnolia with no connections to the south.

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    I too was born and raised I the deep south my entire life... moved away after marrying, and now, I am back in the south. I love the name Magnolia, but have never met anyone named Magnolia. While I agree the name evokes beautiful Southern imagery that doesn't mean it must only be used in the south. I think it is a gorgeous name, not heard a lot, elegant, and sweet!!
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    I love Magnolia!

    I think certain names conjure images of the 'south' but aren't necessarily southern.

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    There are definitely names that only sound right in a Southern accent or evoke very Southern imagery. Magnolia is one of them. However, I've lived in Alabama my entire life and I've never met anyone named Magnolia.
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    I live in the midwest and have a beautiful Japanese Magnolia (aka Blooming Tulip tree) in my yard. I'd use the name.

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