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    Of the ones you mentioned Eowyn's my favourite. She's one of my favourite literary characters of all time. I also love Lorien (on my boy list), Luthien, Yavanna and Arwen.

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    I prefer Arrowyn to Arwen...just a thought.

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    I love Elentari, so beautiful and reminded me of amber stone. I am not so terribly familiar with all LOTR characters(well, I am not a fan. Both films and books are nice but I can't say I am head over heels in love with them, so I don't re-read all the time thus don't quite remember) but your list seems incredibly fine and absolutely usable. Eowyn, as Otter said, is excellent in both name and character forms.

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    I really like Bree, as in the village of. But I'd probably prefer it as a nn for something.

    I'm not big on Meriadoc for a boy, but anything that can get to the nn Merry for a girl is a huge gp of mine (Maren, Marian, Merida, Meredith, etc.)

    And of course Rosie (Cotton) is great. Also love Tinuviel but I know I could never pull it off.=]
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    My daughter's name is Arwen. We also loved Eowyn, but we ended up choosing Arwen because in our neck of the woods those names are strange enough without adding pronunciation issues to the bag. Eowyn is definitely a great character, however, Arwen's love for Aragorn and the fact that she stands her ground for what she believes to be right makes me love her so much. As far as easily usable female names from Tolkien's world go, Arwen, Lorien, and Rosie are my favorites. Primrose is also a thought.
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