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    Hello everyone. I was thinking about revamping my list, and Mr. E agreed to the name Athena! I want to use my middle name, Lynne, as the middle, but I think Athena Lynne sounds very strange. I was thinking of tacking on a second middle that will help tie the fun Athena and grounded Lynne.

    What can you suggest that sounds slightly different, but still semi-plain?

    Thank you!
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    Would you be open to building on the name Lynn as in Athena Marilyn? Athena Linrose? Personally I think Lynn works well with mostly everything which is why it was a staple for such a long time.

    I would look to neutral feeling names to add into the mix...

    Athena Jane Lynn
    Athena Jade Lynn
    Athena Mary Lynn
    Athena Lynn Marie
    Athena Rose Lynn (Rosalind?)
    Athena Tamar Lynn
    Athena Isla Lynn
    Athena Ida Lynn
    Athena Sara Lynn
    Athena Gemma Lynn
    Athena Laura Lynn (Lorelyn)
    Athena Cara Lynn (Carolyn)

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    I'm with Taz. I think it would be cool to just add onto the name like Athena Lynette or something. I'll add those sorts of names and second middle suggestions.

    Lyn names:

    Athena Ashlyn
    Athena Cherilyn/Sherilyn
    Athena Daralyn
    Athena Evelyn
    Athena Gwenlyn
    Athena Gwendolyn
    Athena Jocelyn
    Athena Marilyn

    Different but plainish name combos like you asked:

    Athena Cora Lynne
    Athena Jade Lynne
    Athena Rose Lynne -- I also like Athena Rosalind which has the Lynne sound
    Athena Ruth Lynne
    Athena Ivy Lynne
    Athena Judy Lynne
    Athena Eliza Lynne
    Athena Greta Lynne
    Athena Beatrice Lynne
    Athena Lynne Elise
    Athena Savannah Lynne
    Athena Penelope Lynne
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    What great suggestions. I never even thought of a -lyn sort of name.

    My favories were

    Athena Lynne Elise
    Athena Gwendolyn
    Athena Mary Lynne (I think I LOVE Mary)
    Athena Cara Lynne/ Athena Carolyn
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    What about semi-plain, unexpected or forgotten middle? Maybe British name?

    Athena Noemi Lynne
    Athena Poppy Lynne
    Athena Heidi Lynne
    Athena Lynne Julie
    Athena Juliet Lynne
    Athena Emmeline
    Athena Imogen Lynne
    Athena Alice Lynne
    Athena Melody Lynne

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