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View Poll Results: How do you pronounce the name Helena?

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  • Heh-len-uh

    38 57.58%
  • Heh-layn-uh

    25 37.88%
  • Heh-leen-uh

    4 6.06%
  • Other

    3 4.55%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    How do you pronounce the name Helena?

    I'm loving the name Helena (so elegant! So beautiful! Such fun nicknames!) but I know there's some controversy over how it's pronounced. When you first see the name Helena, which pronunciation springs to mind?
    Also, WDYT of the name?
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    I pronounce it Helen-ah like it's suppose to be pronounced in Greek.

    I think it's lovely. It's sophisticated, soft, sweet, strong. It's got good nicknames if you want them, Nell is my favorite.
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    I instinctively say Helen-ah, but I have also heard Hel-lay-nah and Hel-lee-nah!

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    Hel-N-ah though I'm from Australia so it may be an accent thing
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    It's my cousin's name She's 'hell-en-a'. So the first option in your poll. Basically just Helen with an 'a' on the end.

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