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    Does Parker work as a MN for any of these?

    Parker was my great-grandma's maiden name but I feel like the trendiness of the name is taking away the special bond I have with the name.

    Would it work well with any of these names or does it stick out too much? Feel free to make a few "FN Parker" suggestions based on the names below. Thanks!

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    Cora . Louisa . Lydia . Mary

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    I want to like Frederick Parker, but that's a lot of r. Linus Parker, George Parker, John Parker, and Emmett Parker don't sound that bad to me. I think you need a longer first name though.

    Julian Parker
    Vincent Parker (two syllables, but I like the sound)
    Theodore Parker
    Leopold Parker
    Gabriel Parker
    Sebastian Parker
    Nicholas Parker
    Nathaniel Parker
    Dominic Parker
    Adrian Parker
    Lucian Parker
    Elliot Parker
    Elijah Parker
    Everett Parker
    Franklin Parker
    Wesley Parker
    Benedict Parker
    Gideon Parker
    Fabian Parker
    Elias Parker

    Anything appeal? I feel like I'm very off base.
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    I want to like Vincent but it's the last name of a friend of SO's that I truly do not like. :-/

    Leopold is on my long list! Sebastian, Nathaniel, Everett, Wesley, and Benedict could all grow on me. The ending of Dominic runs into SO's last name. You're not off base at all!
    Current favorites:
    Cora . Louisa . Lydia . Mary

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    Linus Parker, George Parker, and Emmett Parker work really well, in my opinion.

    I like @southern.maple's suggestions of Nicholas Parker, Elijah Parker, and Sebastian Parker.
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    I really like the following: Linus Parker, Emmett Parker, Martin Parker

    I love: Frederick Parker, I know that it is a lot of r's, however, most people do not go around calling your child, first name, middle name, last name, so I do not think that too many r's in the first and middle is that big of a deal.

    Good luck in deciding!

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