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    Am I the only one?

    Who pronounces Er's like they are A's for example to me Ryder is said Ryd-ah not ryd-er and it sounds wrong to say Ry-der to me. It makes some names sound terrible like Sawyer i think you get it. Is my pronunciation just completely wrong as I seem the only who does. I think its just an Australian accent (they are terrible)
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    Yeah, it's an Australia thing to the best of my knowledge. I pronounce the Rs, and I've not even left my continent (North America).
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    I pronounce it as an "a" too, but I'm a kiwi. New Zealand accents are pretty close to Oz accents.

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    I'm in the US, and I do use the -er pronunciations.

    My skating coach is from London and he always pronounces my name (Tressa) as Tress-er, but he says words like 'father' as fath-ah.

    Ps. Australian accents have always been my favorite. I wish I had one.
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    As an Australian, there is absolutely no difference to me. I pronounce 'er' as 'a'.
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