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    Downton Abbey

    Love Grows Where Rosemary Goes.

    My number 1 favourite right now, is Rosemary. Basically, there are 2 things that caused me to fall for it.

    1) The ever amazing song by Edison Lighthouse that this post is named after - Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes).

    2) The little girl in the movie Little Manhattan, who is played by Charlie Ray. Rosemary was the love interest for Gabe, played by Josh Hutcherson. It's an all time favourite movie for me.

    a) What do you think of Rosemary?
    b) Middle name suggestions
    c) nicknames - Rosie or Mary? What else could there be?
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    I love Rose, Rosalind and Rosamond, but I'm not keen on Rosemary (or Rosalie). However, that's just personal preference because I can see it's objectively a lovely name. Nicknames? Rose, Rosie, Marie,, that's all I've got!
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    #3 Rosemary nicknames
    Romy, Ross, Rome, Rosa.... maybe even Sea or Sam with a stretch (they popped up in my head so I figure I might as well write them down) or Sia?

    #2 I'm not good with name combos

    #1 I just commented to say how much I absolutely love the name Rosemary. I love the nature association, I like that I'm getting 2 names for the price of one that is a natural combination, I love the aesthetics of the name. It is feminine without being too frilly. It really is a fabulous name.

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    It's a solid name, but kind of syrupy sweet for my taste.

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    I think sounds nice and will age well.

    Rosemary Catherine
    Rosemary Giselle
    Rosemary Leanne
    Rosemary Victoria

    Rosie is the best nickname in my opinion.

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