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    PLEASE PICK YOUR FAVORITES: Final name list for the hospital!

    Okay, Im full-term now and need to complete my name list!!! Can you please tell me which option you like best for the Elora category? And, then, which name you like best for the Elizabeth category? And, finally, which one is your favorite overall? Many thanks in advance!!!

    Elora Elizabeth
    Elora Madison
    Elora Holliday
    Elora Davis
    Elora ? (any other suggestions)

    Elizabeth Davis
    Elizabeth Holliday

    Also, what do you think of when you hear the name Elora? What type of girl?
    Finally, can we use the nickname Elle for Elora and/or Elizabeth, should we decide to?
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    I like both Elora and Elizabeth, but together they are very similar. I like many of sorceress's suggestions. I love Elizabeth Holliday, probably because Holiday is one of my favorite girls names ever. Actually I like Elizabeth better than Elora, despite the popularity. Best of luck!

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    My vote is for Elora Elizabeth, I do not mind the alliteration. I think it is beautiful, has a familiar yet uncommon first name and a classic middle name.

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    Elora is very pretty, it's unique and yet versatile (which is rare). I can see it on a quite girl (similar to Eleanora or Laura) or a whimsical fun girl (like Elowyn or Ellery) and it kind of has a magical undertone (like Endora or alluring or Moira).

    Elora Davis - I kinda like this... a lot actually. It has a smokey feel to it like Etta James

    Elizabeth Holliday - super pretty, Elizabeth Davis sounds like the full name of a celebrity (like Elizabeth Taylor and Betty Davis)

    You could totally use the the nn Elle for either name
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