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    Baby's here, need to decide between 2 girl names!!

    What should we chose and why???

    Vivian (nn Vivvy)
    Louisa (nn Lulu)

    With big sister Penelope (nn Poppy)?

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    Definitely Louisa! My daughter's middle name was Louisa until she was 4 weeks old. lol We ended up changing it because DH kept accidentally calling her Arwen Elizabeth. I still love Louisa though and it's connection with Louisa May Alcott and Little Women. Not to mention, Poppy and Lulu is just too cute! Congrats on your new wee one!
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    Vivian! It evokes sass and sensuality (as does Penelope for me due to Penelope Cruz association) whilst still maintaining the elegance that Louisa has. Louisa is pretty and classic but just a little bit dull in comparison.... Having said that Lulu is cute and spunky and sounds great with Poppy. They are both gorgeous, but my vote definately goes to Vivian!!!

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    DEFINITELY Louisa! Poppy and Lulu are gorgeous, and both names are favourites of mine! I only like Vivian spelled Vivienne, so that's out. Vivian is the surname of a boy I loathed in school, and everyone called him by his last name. Louisa is fun and bubbly, just like Penelope.
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    Vivian and Penelope sound so perfect together!
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