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Thread: Tegan/Teagan

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    Still brainstorming girls names here. I absolutely loved the name Tegan (Tee-gun) years ago b/c met the sweetest little girl with this name. Forgot about it for a long time but now coming back to it. If you saw Tegan/Teagan how would you pronounce? Would you think of it more as a girls name or boys name?? First time I heard of it was on a girl....and then Tegan and Sara. But since then I've also met a boy name Teagan. Is one spelling more feminine than the other? And lastly, if you heard Tegan with sisters Mhairi and Fiona would it sound ok? Or does it sound too mismatched?? I know it's not scottish exactly but seems may have some Irish/Welsh ties.
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    I had a friend in high school named Tegan, pronounced Tee-gun.
    I think it works well with your other girls' names.
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    I've only ever met girls named Tegan/Teagan, pronounced Tee-gun/Tee-gehn. I prefer the Tegan spelling, but I usually prefer the most streamlined spelling that is acceptable. With Mhairi's spelling, the Teagan spelling might be nice. I think it sounds totally fine with your girls!
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    I pronounce Tegan as TEG-uhn (rhyming with Megan in my accent) and Teagan as TEE-gehn.
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    My friend has a daughter named Teagan ( T- ghan) and I met a boy with the name pronounced the same way. I don't love it but I can see the appeal. It goes with your other daughters names.
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