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Thread: July?

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    Month names are tacky? lol You're entitled to you opinion.

    I actually really like it as a middle name. I'm having a hard time picturing it as a first. And I like August on a girl too.
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    I like it and think it is substantial on its own...

    However I also like dantea's suggestion of it as a nn for Juliana or Juliet

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    I used to love July for a girl! I named one of the characters in a book I started once Juliana nn Juli (pronounced like July, not Julie). I still think it's super fun. I also love the idea of Juillet as opposed to Juliet for a girl--sounds so much cooler than Juliet, imo, too (zhwee-yay). It's the French word for July, which I think is super fun, because some people wouldn't get that it's a French month name. Total GP, though, because it would never be taken seriously in France!
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    I remember reading a book/story when I was younger with a girl named July. I have always thought it was wonderful.

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    I always think of the minor character in Annie. In the book it mentions that this orphan named July was dropped off with a poorly spelled note asking to "tayke car of owr baybie July" Annie goes on to tell us that they probably meant Julie, but that July would tell anyone who would listen that she was born on the 4th of July. And if we had celebrated birthdays in the orphanage, by god, that's when we'd have celebrated it. So. That's what I would always think of.
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