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    First ones middle for the 3rds ones first?

    Hello, my wife has just had our 3rd beautiful baby girl and we are struggling for names. We love our first daughters middle name and have always wished we had saved it for a first. My question is, can we use it as a first name for our new baby or is it not really done??

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    I don't think it is really done. That doesn't mean it can't be but it is strange and the child may want a more individual name. Maybe choose another form of the name, a similar name or the nickname?
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    I agree with hanbow that while it can be done, it is just seen as strange. I think choosing another form of the name as suggested by hanbow is a great idea!

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    What's the name? Maybe we can help suggest a name that's similar

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    I'm still annoyed w/my parents for giving me the feminine form of my (then 2 yr old) cousin's name. Couldn't they be original enough to give me my own name?? I wouldn't do it.

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