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    Finally a boy name! But is it too soft?

    We are no where near a girls name for our November baby but I think we got one if bundle is a boy (assuming we don't change our minds 10 more times)! The name is Cameron Shea. We really wanted to use Shea or Francis but with our 3 syllable last name (think McCarthy) I think Shea is a better fit. Worried that both names are sometimes used for girls though. Is Cameron Francis more gender identifying? Even though I know Frances is a girls name as well.. At least the spelling clarifies the gender! Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    Cameron Francis might be slightly more gender-specific but neither MN is that girly to me. Unisex, but not leaning heavily to the girl side, if that makes sense. For me, I wouldn't be surprised to see Shea on a boy; I actually went to school with a bunch of guys with MN Shea, oddly enough. I don't think you could go wrong with either, so pick which one feels most right to you.
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    It think it depends on your location. Where I am, Cameron Shae or Cameron Francis would totally, 110% be a girl.

    Some other soft, yet more masculine middles for Cameron:
    Cameron Rhys
    Cameron Leander
    Cameron Asher
    Cameron Wesley
    Cameron Oliver

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    I love both names on a boy. I think Cameron sounds plenty masculine and I think, since most people won't hear the middle, it's fine. Cameron 'McCarthy' is perfectly masculine.

    Cameron Shea is great. ^_^
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    Really loving Cameron Shea! I think Mason, Brenna, and Cameron are brilliant, actually. I think both Cameron Shea and Cameron Francis would be seen as pretty gender-neutral here; I would just go with Cameron Shea, because I like it better.

    I know two Camerons (both spelled Kameron), and they're both boys. I see it as a pretty masculine name these days. I've heard it used on girls, but it strikes me as so masculine. And Cameron Shea is so Gaelic! I love it.
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