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    Quick vote: yay or nay? [Opinions also welcome!]

    I found these while looking for an Evangeline combo a couple days ago. I decided to scrap Evangeline and keep to just Eva, but hey, I found these combos instead! I don't know if any of them will actually make it to my list, but I figured I'd get opinions on them, to see if they're rubbish or not.

    Anne Emilia Claire "Annie" (I'd probably be tempted to call her Anne Emilia a lot, too--there's just something about it!)
    Eva Emilia Claire "Evie/Eva Clara/Eve-Claire"
    Eva Cecilia
    Eva Jocelyn (Claire?)

    Eva Felicity Claire and Eva Clara [Elisabeth?] are already contenders for my Eva combo--I'm just trying to decide how much the others are worth adding to the "maybe" list. Emilia would be for my great-grandmother (who was a Katherine Amelia--I quite dislike Amelia, but I love the sound-alike, Emilia!). I'm thinking of adding Eva Morgana back to the list of potentials, although I've never been a King Arthur fan, so I feel like I'm missing the right to use it completely. I just think Morgana's unspeakably cool.

    Anyway. Opinions? Yay or nay?

    Thanks, ladies!
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    Anne Emilia Claire - nice, Anna Claire is pretty too
    Eva Emilia Claire - Eva Claire Emilia flows better
    Eva Cecilia - Eva Cecily flows better or Eve Cecilia
    Eva Jocelyn - nice

    Eva Felicity Claire - okay
    Eva Clara - love this one!
    Eva Morgana - flows beautifully, but if immediately makes me think "evil Morgana"
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    My favorites:
    Anne Emilia Claire - fantastic
    Eva Cecilia - I really like this
    Eva Jocelyn - oh, this is great
    Eva Felicity Claire - very feminine

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    can any body assist me with a middle name her first name is Isabel

    help is needed

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    I think these combos flow the best.

    Eva Felicity Claire
    Eva Jocelyn
    All the best,

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