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    1. Must Age Well. I have to be able to visualize the name on everything from a baby to a grandparent or I couldn't do it.
    2. No Bad Meanings/Connotations
    3. Easy to spell/pronounce
    4. Has at least 2 nn options (I have like 50 different nns for my pets, so this one's important in order for them not to end up with random nns)
    5. If someone living a century ago heard my kids names they wouldn't think anything of it.
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    1. Must include a saint name

    2. Should preferably include a literary character

    3. Must match in style/feel

    4. No terrible combinations of initials

    5. A letter can't be used more than twice for sibling names

    4. First name can't be a word name or a nickname-name

    5. First can be popular but NOT trendy (ex: William is great but Aiden is not.)

    6. Generally names should be long with a few good potential nicknames
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    1. FN or MN or both must be a Saint's name or contain some reference to a Saint

    2. Sib-sets cannot be polar opposites (no Mercedes and Riordan), so ultimately some kind of 'theme'

    3. Popularity does not matter (Luke & Zoe being loved too much)

    4. No incredibly easy to tease name (i.e. Mercedes-Benz is a nice car brand, so what can kids say? But no Ford's or Chevy's)

    5. No matchy-matchy names (love Prosper and Peter, but had to choose)

    6. Lastly, I must feel that if I wouldn't mind bearing the name myself (For boy names, I usually ask my brothers if they would mind having the name such-and-such, and I accept their answers unless they give a stupid reason [such as, "I never heard of it. It's stupid" or, "I know an annoying person with that name" suffice to say, my brothers are not name enthusiasts])
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    I like it.
    My husband likes it.
    First or middle name honors a family member.

    There are so many excellent names out there that I can't use bc hubby doesn't like them. I wouldn't want to limit myself further.
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    1. I must like it.
    2. SO must like it.

    That's about it as far as "rules" go. There are some things I tend to go for... But they're not necessarily rules.

    1. I gravitate towards nature names.
    2. I like to avoid biblical names unless I absolutely love it as a name.
    3. I generate a picture/scene of the name-bearer in my head and must like what I see (if I can't even get a picture then the name is out).
    4. Debating whether or not I should start doing two middle names and reserve the second place for family names.
    5. I hate nicknames.
    6. SO and I seem to prefer four-letter names.

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