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    1. Middle names must honour family
    2. Nothing too unique most of my favourites are top 100 here in Australia
    3. Nothing too dated the only reason why Wilhelmina and Eulalia aren't in my top 10 is they are too dated
    4. Nothing too hard to say the only reason why I can't love Amelia-Lily as much as I want to.
    5. Must make sense to my mother she can't get on board with Alice sadly

    I'm shocked how many people take popularity so seriously.

    ♀isobel jamesie. eloise. matilda. alice. eleanor. amelia. lucia. felicity. phoebe. eilidh. rosalia. zoe. azalea. genevieve. . tallulah. ruby. rebecca. clementine. juliet. francesca.

    ♂eamon harris. tiago. cooper. hayes. jack. jago. flynn. archer. lincoln. asher. alfie. taylor. baxter. finnian. lawson. lewis. fletcher. harley. brooklyn.
    middle names: kyan. john. smith. anne. grace. elizabeth

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