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    How popular is Violet?

    Violet is one of those names I can't let go of, but it seems to pop up everywhere!

    Last I checked, Violet was hovering around 100. If it stayed around 100, that would be fine. I don't mind names that are familiar. I just worry about it shooting up to the top 10 or 20. Do you think it has top 10 or 20 potential?
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    I have the same concern as I am considering that name too. I feel like it would get to the 30's eventually but not in the top 10 I don't think.

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    It's still at #89, which means only 0.169% of American baby girls were given the name last year. That's negligible.

    The name has been climbling slowly so you have a child soon it's very unlikely she will be affected if the name goes Top 10/20 a few years from now (which I find unlikely anyways, simply because Violet doesn't work as well in Spanish and Hispanic population affects the Top 10 very much).

    Viola or Violette are more unusual alternatives.
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    Doesn't a popular name mean it's a nice name? I don't know why anyone cares if it's popular or not though. Just name your child a name you like and a name that fits your child. Just saying..

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