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    Calliope without the peeee

    Is there a way to get to calliope without that ending? Or something similar?

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    How about Kalliopeia/Calliopeia/Calliopia?

    Or the similar Calypso?

    Although I think that the peee soundisnt bad. People use Penelope all the time.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I agree, Penelope is used all the time--Calliope isn't that bad. Although, I used to mistakenly pronounce it cah-LEE-oh-pay. Which I still think is pretty, even though I prefer cah-LYE-oh-pee now.
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    I don't think Calliope is bad, it's on my list!

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    I suppose you could spell it Caliopie, but then people might just think you can't spell????
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