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    Depending on when she is due in January, that month is a time when the earth is just beginning to awaken from its slumber. Days are starting to get longer, early spring flowers like crocuses are beginning to sprout. That being said, here is my suggestion:

    Bryony Ember Mayberry-Hall

    I know Bryony is not on your initial list, but I think its Earthy, signifying the season (bryony = to sprout, ember ~ glowing). Could even do Bryony Snow Mayberry-Hall (which sounds more wintery).

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    I LOVE the surname Mayberry-Hall! I wish it was mine
    Hazel is gorgeous IMO.
    WDYT of:
    Hazel Juniper
    Hazel Autumn
    Hazel Magnolia (nn Hazel Maggie for G grandmother)
    Hazel Wren
    Hazel Felicity
    Best of luck!
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    I don't think Sophia really goes with Hazel. Hazel is one of my faves, btw.

    Hazel Rose
    Hazel Wren
    Hazel Margaret
    Hazel June
    Hazel Eloise
    Hazel Vera
    Hazel Zinnia
    Hazel Cora
    Hazel Sylvia

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    Sophia Blue (inspired by Dylan's 'Tangled up in Blue')

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