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    Rhode Island

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    England, West Midlands

    Jess, 14 year old Teenberry with a serious name obsession

    Girls: Lucy/Lucie, Amelie, Isobel, Imogen, Evie/Eve, Ella, Mae, Poppy, Lily, Annabel

    Boys: Max, Finn, Luke, James, Louis, Alexander, Benjamin, Harry, Alfie, Joshua

    GPs: Bliss, Evangeline, Georgiana, Una, Rowan, Alexa, Saffron

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    Last Name: Honeycutt
    Your Name: Rachel Samantha
    DH's Name: Michael Ryan

    DS: Bennett Knox
    DD: Kate Penelope
    DD: Norah Hadley

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    Hogwarts, United Kingdom
    Last Name: Jeffries
    Your Name: Savanna Erin
    DH's Name: Anthony Oscar

    You have 3 kids, what are they?(roll)
    1,3,5: 3 singletons

    If they are three singletons roll the dice 3 times for genders. (Even=Girl, Odd=Boy)

    DS#1 - Levi Tobias
    DD#1 - Eliza Rose
    DD#2 - Olive Cecilia

    Do you try to even it out by having a fourth? (Even=yes, Odd=No)
    (5) No.
    Not expecting, just a girl with an interest in etymology.

    Favourite Combos
    Ivy Adelaide/Lyra Evangeline/Eliza Genevieve
    Hugo Benjamin/James Anthony/Rory Alexander

    Other Favourites
    Octavia, Astrid, Demelza, Hestia, Wallis
    Rafferty, Malachy, Jasper, Harrison, Roscoe, Sidney, Killian

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    LN: Prady
    DH: Toby Gabriel
    DW: Miranda Jane

    DD: Aria Daphne
    DS: Theo Wesley
    DD: Ivy Piper Quinn
    My Eclectic Little List:
    ♫ Theo ♫ Asher ♫ Sterling ♫ Wesley ♫ Griffin ♫ Jude ♫
    ♡ Rosalie ♡ Johanna ♡ Calliope ♡ Daphne ♡ Isabelle ♡ Aria ♡

    Currently intrigued by... Vivienne, Kalani, Archer & Uriah

    Mama to a border collie/sheltie mix who answers to Munchy
    Auntie to Carson Wade (7/18/2013)

    Vote on some of my names here:

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