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    I think Darcy (this spelling) and Brenna sound fantastic together!

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    The i or ie spelling might be a tad more feminine but it's also more likely to be misspelled and mispronounced. With Darcie I'd honestly be a bit concerned with "darkie" which would seem less likely with the more familiar Darcy. I agree with the others that it makes it more flimsy. Maybe lay both suggestions before hubby and campaign for the strength and history of the y! ;D
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    Brenna and Darcy look best together when Darcy is spelt the proper way, I think.

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    Love Darcy.

    Love Darcy Loretta!

    Go for it!!

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    Thanks all. I agree- if I went with a spelling other than Darcy I think I'd always regret it. Think Ill stick to Darcy with a "y" and keep fighting for her.. Hopeless as it may seem! :-)
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