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    Armand _____ Twiss? (MN suggestions please)

    Armand is a name love of mine whom I've never been able to find "The" middle name for. So, I'm opening up for suggestions.

    Armand _______ Twiss

    All I ask is that it not be a common middle name like John/Edward/Michael, and that you don't use a name that's listed in my signature (names in orange).

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    Armand Georgio

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    Armand Etienne

    (Étienne is the French version of Stephen)

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    Armand Tamojin (tam-oh-jin) Ares
    Armand Bairam
    Armand Calloun
    Armand Caius
    Armand Hallan
    Armand Aodhan (Pron, Ian = ee-an, not eye-an, or to meet an American Ian Mann x)
    Armand Coen
    Armand Ballard
    Armand Bonifacio
    Armand Bharat
    Armand Bien
    Armand Bijan
    Armand Obediah
    Armand Rhodri
    Armand Phelan (Love!!)
    Armand Llewellyn
    Armand Kadar
    Armand Rata
    Armand Nathaniel
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