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    I don't pronounce Rosalind with the "roz" sound. It's just not a pleasing sound to me. I pronounce it with the Rose sound. It's one of those names where I like it when it's mispronounced.

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    The name isn't too long, but together it's too much R. For me, Katarina Rosalind/Rosemary would be hard to say together. If I had to pick one though, I'd do Rosemary for the middle name.
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    I prefer Katharina Rosemary or just Katharina Rose. I'm not big on Rosalind or Rosamund, they are just too clunky.
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    Well, I actually prefer Rosalind in general, but for this one I think Katarina Rosemary is the better choice.
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    I'm no longer into this combination. I love Rosemary too much to put it in the middle name slot. I do still like Katarina, but it might need a shorter and lighter middle name.

    This is completely hypothetical.
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