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    Thoughts on Katarina Rosalind/Rosemary? Over the top?

    Is it too much 'name'? What do you think of the combination?

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    It's a little too much, especially because both first and middle names have three syllables and are all fairly long. If it was paired with a short enough last name, it might help the name not seem so lengthy. And personally, I like Katarina Rosemary better because of the flow.

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    All of them have strong A and R sounds, there's a strong "in" sound in both Katarina and Rosalind, and all three have the same number of letters with the stress on the first syllable. So they seem a bit choppy together. They're beautiful names though (I prefer Rosalind to Rosemary- spunkier and I like the literary connection). Would you go for Katherine Rose/Rosemary or Katarina Rhoslyn/Roisin (pronounced ro-sheen)? The sounds are more different so aren't as hard to say together.
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    I really like both combinations, but Katharina Rosemary has a slight edge. The flow would sound nicest with a short family name, of one or two syllables.

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    I like Katarina Rosemary better.
    It is a heavy name but it is do-able

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