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    Tatiana : one of my best friends name. We call her Tania. I think its a gorgeous and refreshing choice.

    Aurelia : LOVE it! Sounds very princessy & romantic.

    Lyra : soft, beautiful & adorable. A name every girl could wear well.

    I have to say all of them are gorgeous .

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    I really like all three names. Lyra is the one that I would actually use (though I do worry about pronunciation). I think Tatiana is so adorable, and Aurelia is really pretty.

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    Lyra - Lovely. Lots of sagacity and femininity with a touch of magic.
    Aurelia - Has been climbing up my list lately! I love the sound and meaning, and it's a really pretty species of jellyfish. It, too, is vaguely magical.
    Tatiana - A drama-queen name. It's pretty, but a bit mundane and lacks the magic of the other two.
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    Love Lyra! Beautiful name.

    I dislike both of the others. Stuffy and not very pretty, imo.
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    Aurelia - was my favorite name when naming girl #1, but hubby shut it down. Still love it though!

    Tatiana - I prefer Titania, with the nickname Ty.

    Lyra - Pretty, sounds lyrical. It sounds more modern than, say, Laura, but it's not too weird.

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