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Thread: Panda names?

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    Panda names?

    My birthday was this week, and my boyfriend gave me a giant stuffed panda... This is kind of recurring joke in our relationship, I won't bore you with the story. Anyway, I gave him a small panda for Valentine's Day two years ago, and he named it Jade (after me, that's my middle name), so I'm looking for something to name the giant one now. His middle name is Thomas, which doesn't sound especially panda-like to me. I'm also not looking for anything super Asian sounding, since the first name isn't.

    I know this doesn't exactly fit into "writing name" questions, but it didn't feel like a pet name either, and those were the only two forums I felt it would be appropriate to post on for such a silly thread!

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    I'd just name it Thomas, all things considered.

    Mostha? It's an anagram of Thomas... Do you want something related to Thomas/your boyfriend? Or just a name for a panda?
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Tommy or Tom could go for the panda, or even focus on the last syllable of his name and go Mathias, or you could go with a gem/stone theme and choose something like Granite, Slate, Topaz, Amber, Jasper, or Jet.

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    Zhou Zhou would be cute (pronounced close to Ju Ju).

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    I should've also said that his brother's name is Thomas.. I guess his half-brother, but they're pretty close, and his Dad's name is also Thomas. It's a family name :P. But thanks for the other suggestions!

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