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    Evelyn. I just don't like Everly.

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    Can her name her Olivia but call her Liv? It's easier to pair a middle name with Olivia. If you aren't a fan of that, I like Liv Evelyn out of your choices. I also like the idea of doing a long middle name after Liv, like "boyandgirl" suggested.

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    I like just Liv! Most people find a full name better, but Jon and Lainey seem a bit nicknamey already (as opposed to Jonathan and Elena/Delaney/Elaine, etc.), and besides, Liv is a legitimate Scandinavian name on its own. I like Jon, Lainey, and Liv together!

    My problem is with the Liv Ev- thing. I really do like Liv Everly (and Liv Evelyn, but to a lesser degree), but I feel like I'm saying liv-iv-iv-iv and I'm not sure when the iv's will stop! It almost has the same effect as saying Kal-El does, and I've never found that easy to say. A few ideas:

    Liv Sofia
    Liv Josephine
    Liv Augusta
    Liv Caroline
    Liv Georgiana/Liv Georgia
    Liv Tabitha
    Liv Portia
    Liv Bianca
    Liv Juliet
    Liv Rebecca
    Liv Camilla/Liv Camellia
    Liv Serena

    Good luck!
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    Oh, I have to second Liv Rebecca - what a gorgeous pairing!

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    Have you considered using Olivia as the full name and Liv as the nn? Liv seems a bit short to be a full name, it's forever on my guilty pleasures list.

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