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    Light, friendly name?

    I'm looking for a simple, light, pretty name for a future daughter. She'll have my husband's last name, Russell, and her brother is Luke Thomas.

    Russell feels so heavy to me, so a lot of names feel too serious combined with it, e.g. Catherine. But a lot of lighter names are pretty trendy and not very substantial: Aria, Maya, etc.

    Emily would be perfect. It's friendly, has substance, flows with Russell, goes with Luke. But I suppose I'd have my name nerd credentials revoked if I used it...

    Julia is okay, but something is holding me back. Claire would be perfect, but the back-to-back r's sound off. Lucy's out, obviously.


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    When I first saw the title of your post, the first name that came to my mind was Lucy, then I read your entire post and obviously Lucy is not an option.

    Emma - might be too popular?
    Isla (pronounced eye-la)

    I hope some of these help!

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    How about...
    Alice Russell
    Karen Russell
    Cecelia Russell
    Laura Russell
    Faith Russell
    Lillian Russell
    Also, if you love Emily, go for it! I don't think anyone would revoke your name nerd credentials over it- use what you love!
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