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    Alaska is pretty and Alaskah is tacky...yuck! Alaska Faith flows beautifully...but Faith is just kind of a "filler" mn, imo, unless it has meaning to you.

    I would try...
    Alaska Evelyn
    Alaska Bea
    Alaska Cate
    Alaska Emme

    Due to Alaska being a word/place name, avoid using another word/place name as a middle. Also, because Alaska is unusual and unisex, pick a strictly feminine name for the middle to avoid gender confusion by strangers!

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    I grew up in Alaska. So I have a fondness for it. However Im still not sure How this will work as a name. Sorry!

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    There was an Alaska on an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, which usually has unusual, especially trendy baby names.

    Um... Alaska... I have many ties to the state and have been there many times. It's a beautiful state so I can see why someone who is from there or visited would want to use it as a name. I wouldn't personally use it. However, it is quite memorable.
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    I don't detest it as much as some. It's unrepentently trendy and not pretending to be a classic, which I can respect

    I'd definitely spell it correctly though.

    Alaska Faye is pretty!
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    Faith is a lovely middle, and Alaska is certainly interesting, if not my style. If you feel strongly about Alaska/Alaskah, I'd definitely go with the real spelling (no 'h'). I think if you're naming a child after a place you love, you should respect that place and spell it correctly.
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