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    Exclamation Middle name for Ian? And another question!

    Couple of questions here!
    First, My husband and I both like the name Ian as a first name, but we are looking for a middle name to compliment it. Neither of us really care for the more "modern" boys names that could be either/or. We want people to know our son is a boy by his name.. Haha. Any suggestions?
    Secondly, my husband is part Cherokee Indian and we would love to incorporate that somehow. We found the name Dasan (which is of American Indian origin) which we also like and are kind of torn between Ian and Dasan. please share your opinion on which of those two first names you like better. Thanks!

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    I'd go with Ian as I've found a lot of Native American names don't really have the meanings we say. If he's a part of a tribe, I'd suggest talking to an elder there and maybe they can help you think of something. Or, you can go with something nature in feeling to honor his Cherokee heritage. For example, a kid my cousin graduated with had the middle name of Wildboar because he's part (I want to say half?) Native American.

    Some suggestions:

    Ian Samuel
    Ian David
    Ian Thomas
    Ian Douglas
    Ian Marshall

    And seriously, why does Nameberry have Indian as a name? :-/
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