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    Jul 2013

    Still so confused

    What about Quinn or Eamon? Little brother for Liam and Owen?

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    Jul 2013
    I've posted about this more than once. I apologize but I've added new names. Still like Evan and Adam too.

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    I love Liam and Owen. Two of my all time favorite boy names. Quinn and Eamon are both nice--I especially love Eamon, but it feels close to both Liam and Owen. I think something more distinctive in sound might work better. Quinn is better, imo, even tho it still shares the same ending with Owen.

    Some other ideas: Rhys, Flynn, Finn, Conor, Grady, Grant, Miles, Rory, Garrett, Emmett, Max, Seth.....
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    Love Adam! Quinn, I love......BUT I hate that so many are using it for girls now. I also love:


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    Liam, Owen, and __?
    I like Eamon, but I love Ian, and it is not as popular as I thought. *=my favorites
    Liam, Owen, and Ian*
    Liam, Owen, and Kade
    Liam, Owen, and Seth
    Liam, Owen, and Tobin*
    Liam, Owen, and Parker
    Liam, Owen, and Prescott*
    Liam, Owen, and Chatham
    Liam, Owen, and Graham
    Liam, Owen, and Lennox*

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