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    Flop? Lol
    Just spent 45 min browsing baby names with dh and other than Ryan and Ethan (yawn!) the only other name that got him excited was Flip. "Ooh, love Flip!" Apparently there's a famous fisherman with that name. Wdyt about Flip? There'd have to be a formal name to go with that right? Phillip? Any other options? Siblings are Grant and Isla, last name sounds like butterworth.

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    I suppose you could use Flip for Flynn or Finlay. I can really think of anything else. Anyway I think Grant, Isla and Philip would be a lovely sib-set.

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    Its pretty crazy next to Grant and Isla. Kip is similar but more, well, normal........
    Pip is a cute nn for Philip. X

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    You haven't heard of comedian Flip Wilson and his female character of Geraldine? While he was hilarious, I don't know if I would want to name a child after him. Philip nn Flip would be ok I suppose but Flip reminds me of the word "flippant" so it's not a fave nn of mine.
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    I don't like it but it and especially with the siblings. It would be a cute middle name though. Philip works well and goes really well with Grant and Isla. I really can't think of anything else though, sorry!
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