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    Quote Originally Posted by fluzie View Post
    I'm really crushing on Irie right now... Listed on nameberry as a name in itself of Jamaican origin....I would only use it as a nn. But I've been a bit stumped in finding something I love as a longer version for Irie... I was hoping you guys could help! The best idea I've had yet is Iris which I do REALLY like but don't LOVE! Also wondered about using it for Isadora (a name I love) but it seems a stretch when Isadora has so many other more intuitive nn's! Any other ideas or general thoughts on Irie!
    I believe Eirian would work. I *think * it's beginning is pronounced the same way. It has always been on my list of MN but I would definitely use it as a first. Irie is a cute NN too.

    Irene is legit. Irina, Irini, Mhairi, Viridis (italian renaiisance),eirin (old norse), Mairin, Irisa can be checked out too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by verminator View Post
    I believe Eirian would work. I *think * it's beginning is pronounced the same way.
    If it's Welsh then the correct pronunciation is 'AY-ree-an'

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    If it's pronounced Ay-ree-an there would be a connotation to the Aryan brotherhood. (not the exact same pronunciation but close enough for comfort)

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    Zadie Smith's novel White Teeth features a girl named Irie. Incidentally, the girl's Jamaican grandmother thinks Irie is a terrible name. :-)

    I do think Irie can stand on its own, but could also be a nickname for Irene or Irena/Irena (though I always default to EE-ree-na for Irina). I don't think Isadora works that well since it doesn't have the "eye" sound at the beginning.
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