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  • Hazel

    10 10.87%
  • Juliet

    24 26.09%
  • Indigo

    9 9.78%
  • Pearl

    11 11.96%
  • Winter

    10 10.87%
  • Violet

    11 11.96%
  • Maelys

    3 3.26%
  • Claire

    14 15.22%
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I voted for Violet, it being my favorite and all. I also really love Hazel and Winter, and I like Claire as a middle.
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    I had a hard time choosing between Juliet and Claire but I picked Claire. Claire Juliet or Juliet Claire would be a beautiful combo
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    Juliet is the clear winner here.

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    1. Juliet
    2. Claire
    3. Pearl
    4. Violet
    5. Maelys
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    Hazel- charming, down-to-earth, vintage-chic
    Claire- sweet, bubbly, cute
    Violet- a bit harsh and grating for my ears, but a Berry favourite
    Winter- modern, a bit ethereal (I think of snow-covered forests with no humans in sight and the sound of whistling winter winds)
    Pearl- a bit clunky to me
    Maelys- okay but a bit flat
    Indigo- sounds a bit masculine, and I also think of the bookstore chain
    Juliet- elegant, romantic, dramatic and beautiful. on my own favourites list! (not my favourite character though)

    I voted for Juliet. You may also like Scarlett, Imogen, and Maeve. I second whoever suggested Viola- she's an awesome heroine!
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