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    Nickname and mn for Emersyn!

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    Emerson, in my opinion, is unflattering and decidedly masculine for a girl. It has its own small fanbase, but its nms.

    If your heart is completely set on it, please at least spell it correctly. Emerson. Also Delilah and Jade, not Dalilah or Jayde.

    Your nickname options are pretty limited to Em/Emma/Emmers.
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    Thanks for your opinion! Also I meant Delilah not Dalilah. And no, we are open to other names besides Emersyn, although I personally like the name.

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    I think Emersyn Laurel is a far nicer combination than Emersyn Rian, which is very masculine.

    Just adding my two cents - I don't really like Emerson on a girl because it's a boys name (literally means "son of Emery"). I'm not keen on misspelled names either. I think Emerson Laurel is better.

    As for nicknames, unfortunately I think Em and Emmy are a given.
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    For people that hang around these forums, modern (and misspelled, at that) inventions like Emersyn don't tend to go over very well, because to most of us, a name is so much more than just a sound or a collection of letters or a word that is relatively new and cool. It is supposed to have meaning, history, depth, purpose. It should be appropriate for the identity of a child, and stand the test of time.

    As mentioned, this name is very inherently masculine, as are all -son names (because they mean "Son of ___"), but changing the "-son" to "syn" just makes it trendy—it doesn't feminize the name.

    Can we offer some alternatives?

    What about...

    Austen (a unisex name I find wonderfully unique on a girl!)
    Madelyn (this -yn spelling IS actually a traditional spelling for the name with plenty of historical use and is completely acceptable as it's not a modern invention—yet it fits the trend that was appealing to you)
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