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    vacancinating your baby/child

    Do you do it, or no? Any particular reason, I know this can be touchy Im just curious your opinions compared to the overkill of contradictions on the internet.

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    Yes, absolutely! We have done all of the available vaccines so far, on the regular schedule, and will continue to do so. I strongly believe that the risks of going unvaccinated far outweighs any risk.

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    We do it too, everything they recommend. He just got his first flu shot, too.
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    Its so common practice here, I also started hers but so many people are starting to oppose I'm curious on why people choose to do so or not. I honestly hate the idea of all the shots they get but id feel horrible if she got sick without them. My mom big statement is a simple heyve been doing it forever & shell need them for school anyways.

    I won't be doing the flu shot though, too many people I know got very ill from it & almost half it seemed still got sick anyways?

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    We vaccinated, but delayed all of them. I knew they were necessary but I didn't like the idea of injecting my brand new baby with such a large quantity of ingredients, especially when the effects of some of them aren't fully known. Because a lot of the ones here are 3 in 1 shots, I was very cautious.

    The one we delayed the most was the MMR, Amelie was meant to get it at around 12 months but she only got it last month.

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